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Degree Programs

Mt. Sierra College offers degree programs in three areas of study: business, media arts and design, and technology. The College has designed its degree programs to provide you with a well-rounded education - a technology driven, academically sound curriculum for tomorrow's professionals. All programs are designed to be completed in twelve consecutive quarter terms over a period of three calendar years.

All Mt. Sierra College degree programs have two components: a core curriculum, which are the courses directly relating to the field of study, and a general education curriculum. The core curriculum for each degree major will provide you with a solid foundation in your field of study, preparing you for the working world or graduate study. The majority of core courses include hands-on experience to maximize your education.

A strong interdisciplinary general education is an important component of every Mt. Sierra College degree. You will learn important critical thinking skills that will be as valuable in daily life as in the academic setting. Written and verbal communication skills are developed extensively throughout the curriculum in core courses as well as general education courses, to ensure that you are equipped to communicate effectively. You will be exposed to the diversity and complexity of the world through a variety of courses, to allow you to develop a greater understanding of global and environmental factors that shape the world, and to prepare you for the ethical and practical decisions that you will be called upon to make throughout your life.

FlexLearn and Online

All Mt. Sierra College degrees are offered via the FlexLearn system - the College's innovative approach that allows students to take classes both on campus and online. If you enroll in FlexLearn, you will have the flexibility of taking classes in a traditional on-campus setting or online. If you opt to enroll in one of the College's fully online programs, you will complete all classes online - an excellent option for the motivated student who lives out of the area.